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Life Changing Esthetics:

Oncology Spa Solutions®

Our Goal

  • To prepare all spa professionals to safely and compassionately care for clients with cancer.
  • Offer the best oncology education that will encourage understanding and love to change the way we look at, and care for, our clients living with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Oncology Spa Solutions® goal and passion for sharing this training really started decades ago but came into full, clear view when Becky met a client in 2011 that had Stage 4 Renal (Kidney) Cancer. He shared with her that his only JOY in life now was his weekly spa treatment; he was at the end of his life and there were no more treatment options for his cancer.

When his Spa therapist found out he had cancer (oh yes, they will come to you and NOT share this important detail), the therapist (who was not trained) did not feel confident in treating him any longer and “fired him” by telling him he could no longer come in. As he shared this, tears rolled down his face. Becky never forgot that moment….

This was heartbreaking because it never should have happened. A therapist with proper training could have confidently cared for this man and given him joy and comfort for the rest of his life.

We hope you decide to invest in yourself with this unique, and life-changing, training so that you can feel confident to help clients like this when they will need you the MOST.

Essentials Basic Course

Training Schedule

Essentials Basic Course

Class is typically held Sun-Tue and the times are 9-6 on Sun & Mon and 8-5 on Tues, but be sure to check the dates

June 19th – 21st
Secaucus, NJ


June 25th – 27th
Billings, MT


June 29th – July 1st
Waterloo, IA


July 29th – July 31st
Blue Springs, MO


August 12th – 14th
Fairbanks, AK


August 12th – 14th
Madison, WI


August 20th – 22nd
Irvine, CA


August 28th – 30th
Orlando, FL


September 10th – 12th
Denver, CO


September 16th – 18th
Rochester, MN


September 17th – 19th
Boynton Beach, FL


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The Commission on Accreditation approves this course

The Commission on Accreditation approves this course

This 3-day introduction course is designed to give you a foundational understanding of cancer, cancer treatments and how they will impact your clients’ skin. You will learn how to ask the right questions, analyze the information and then customize treatments for any client with compromised health.


You will learn:

  • The basics of cancer as it relates to skincare
  • How to safely reduce the skin related side-effects
  • How cancer effects our clients mind and emotions
  • How to determine proper products and ingredients; the safe, the not so safe and the outright toxic
  • Hands-on training with survivors as you learn how to customize and offer safe treatments
  • Learn how to utilize the information to increase your client base and positive visibility within your community.
  • How to work with Cancer Centers, Hospitals, Referrals from Dr’s.


Each class includes:

  • Training manual/workbook ($125 value)
  • USB flash drive with digital product information/forms ($60 value)
  • Equipment that can be used on oncology clients ($150 value)
  • Product samples ($60 value)
  • Oncology-Trained Canvas Tote bag (value $35)
  • Lunch
  • Exam
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 10 CE’s Approved by the Commission on Accreditation ($149 value)
  • NCEA Certified records verification ($175 value)

For additional details, full curriculum, and information on class dates other than those listed above:


Re-Certification Options

  1. Attend an Essentials Refresher Course
  2. Order the New Manual and Exam
  3. Order the Exam Only
  4. Join the Mentorship Program, Be a part of either Mentorship program (yearly membership) and have automatic re-certification

Advanced Course & Advance Course Symposium

This is VERY exciting….. This will be our 3rd year of offering Advanced classes and many of you have attended and gone on to do wonderful things with your life & your business. I have enjoyed them too and learn something new each time we have one.

This year we are going to try a symposium style conference for the Oct date where you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with many other like-minded Oncology-Trained spa professionals from all over the US. You’ll get to hear from guest speakers, meet all of the Oncology Spa Solutions ® Mission Partners and learn some essential marketing and business skills to take your oncology focused business to the next level. These will also include mini workshops, field trips and hands on.

There will be just two special events this year:

  • Oct 28th & 29th – St. Charles, IL – Symposium (75-100 max) with workshops, guest speakers and networking). This cost of this one will include the hotel (for those staying) and all meals.
    • Symposium only (not staying): $397
      includes conference, refreshments in the morning, buffet-style lunch and a snack in the afternoon.
    • Staying 2 nights Standard Room $698
    • Staying 2 nights Executive Room $758
      Both Include the conference, all meals (3 buffet-style meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as morning and afternoon snack).


  • We will partner with a local cancer center that will share how using Oncology Trained services have helped their patients. A good opportunity for you to ask questions.
  • We will discuss the nutrition aspect of cancer care and preventative measures that we can share with our clients as well as use ourselves.
  • LED – learn how to use LED to help with scars, pain, Neuropathy, Mucositis and stress related aging caused by cancer and treatments.
  • Hands on with new treatments that you can offer your clients (both with cancer or healthy) that will make you stand out and your clients return.
  • Cancer Survivor Guest panel with hands-on for more practical experience
  • Hospital panel discussion that will share with you the benefits of having an Integrative program and then some one on one time for those that are interested in working with hospitals in your area to help you get the YES, what to avoid and how you can really help their patients.
  • Field trip to view cancer center – take a tour, connect with staff and find out what’s needed to implement a similar program in your area.
  • Marketing Materials Workshop – put together your Marketing Kit
  • Proposal Workshop – actual hands on to put together your own proposal for use in your community.
  • Symposium will have product line exhibitors so you can meet, ask questions and learn more about safe products.
  • Special guest speakers at both classes

All materials, tools, Mission Partner Goodies and lunch will be supplied.

***Class space is limited, so if you are interested, register today to hold your spot.

Oncology Spa Solutions Hair Stylists Training

Online Training Course

When can you introduce color back into your client’s life?

What products are safe or unsafe to use during chemotherapy?

And, before you shave/cut your client’s hair, do you know if they will they even loose it?

This course is for the Stylist that wishes to know the answers to those questions and many more so they can safely care for their clients as they experience cancer. It contains training modules with an exam and certification of completion at the end.

Course covers:

  • Basics of cancer and how it relates to the hairdresser/stylist
  • Overview of the current treatments used in the US and their side effects
  • Ingredients in Hair products What’s good/what’s not?
  • How traumatic is hair loss, how does it affect our client?
  • Hair cutting, wigs, scalp issues, treatment modifications.
  • Do we need anything special to service this client?
  • Time frames for services
  • How do we let our clients/community know that are trained to care for them?

Group Training for Hair Salons

Oct 2014: The Pearl Harbor Navy Base team of 25 Hair Stylists were trained so they would be prepared to care for the many clients on the island that have cancer.

“I have spoken to several of the stylists and they were so appreciative of the class and only had a ton of compliments on how valuable the information was. Again, thank you for all that you have shared”. (GV, Navy Exchange Hawaii)

hair-solonJan 2015: The Minneapolis, MN Intelligent Nutrients Hair Salon team of 12 Stylists were trained by Oncology Spa Solutions® and they have gone on to do many events at the local Cancer Center and Children’s hospital.

Way to go, keep up the great work!!!

Thank you so much Becky! This is very exciting to be officially trained!!!!” (JM, Salon Manager)

Registration policy and options

All course fee’s need to be paid in full prior to the start of class unless arrangements are made ahead of time. To hold your space and register for an Oncology Spa Solutions® training class you may:

Class Cancellation

On rare occasions, we must cancel a class due to weather, insufficient enrollment numbers or other unforeseen circumstances. So please check in with us prior to making any non-refundable travel costs or taking time off of work.

  • If we cancel, your tuition can either be refunded in full or transferred to another location.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the training date, the class fee is non-refundable. (It can however, be transferred to another class location and used within 1 year).
  • If you cancel within 60 days of the scheduled training date, the class fee is refundable less $75 transaction fee or you can transfer in full to another training and used within 1 year.