“May You Know Joy” Card Set


This signature product includes the beautiful May You Know Joy  intention card deck & companion booklet with a passage for each card – in a draw-string linen bag. Often, people choose a card in the morning to set their intention for the day. They love that the booklet offers greater inspiration and perspective. These affirmations are used to inspire morning practices, journaling, yoga, meditation, mindful living, conversations and so much more. They are found everywhere – on bedside tables, on desks, on yoga mats, at spas, at kitchen tables, in boardrooms and in classrooms.   Here are some ways people use these cards: – to create a morning intention – as journaling prompts – to inspire their yoga, meditation or other mindfulness practices – they are used to inspire group conversations – they are a great conversation starter for friends and family – to spread joy! They are also perfect for thoughtful gift giving.