“Becky’s class was amazing! I learned so much about not only how to physically help a client with their skin needs during oncology treatments but how to be a support person emotionally and spiritually. Very touching class.” M.W.


“The hands on training following the classroom training enveloped the education. Loved the ease of the setting and Becky’s real life examples of cancer and experiences with others.” V. M.


“The class is a perfect balance of technical, emotional and hands on knowledge and experience for the students. A wealth of invaluable information for yourself, clients and all those you know and love.” B.A.


“I knew that I was going to be learning, but the information was more thank scholastic. I was made to feel a part of someone’s life living with, during and after cancer treatment.”. D.B.


“This class is so much more than learning how to do facial. It was jam packed with information!” LRPK


“Absolutely amazing! So informative, gives you a scrambled brain, there is so much info and NEW info. I LOVED this class!” D.W.


“Loved everything about it, cant wait to learn more! Cant wait to use everything that I have learned and be able to further help my clients.”. P. K.


“Becky was the perfect person with her own cancer experience to authentically cover every aspect of treatment and how we can become actually involved and make a difference.” D.R.

“I couldn’t let another day go by without letting you know that you not only touched my mind through your class, but you touched my heart.

Your genuine caring, compassion and passion for this topic are so evident, which is why it meant so much to me. To say “thank you” seems so insignificant. I will always be grateful that you let me into your life and gave me insight into how to care for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. There’s so much more to life than the labels we put on ourselves and others. Now, I feel equipped to begin this journey caring for others with renewed vigor and commitment. I will always be in your camp and cheering you on from the sidelines.
I remain most gratefully, your #1 fan!” – MC


“Thank you so much for creating such a detailed and challenging course. I have already changed my approach to all my clients by slowing down and being more present. I’m much more aware now of what cancer does to the skin and how I can help. But most of all Becky, I know have a new prayer: “Our Heavenly Father…. today please allow me to see others the that you see them”. – PE


“Life Changing! Excellent knowledge and experience behind Tracy. She makes it personal and relatable while showing its also accessible and can be done! She makes it less intimidating while stressing the importance. I recommend this course and plan on hosting it for my students again!” JB


“This class was amazing; I would suggest it to anyone!” AH


“Loved working with Tracy & Stephanie – they were very knowledgeable, patient and positive! Thank you for being passionate about this specialized training!” LK


“I am excited to breath fresh air and perspective into my practice. I will proceed with good judgment and care.” Loved Laurie! MO


“Loved the class, loved the instructor. Laurie has so much passion and love for teaching and caring for others. Glad I didn’t take an on-line course; I feel much more prepared to work with this client now.” TG


“This class opened my eyes to what people go through when they are told they have cancer. I am much more prepared to truly assist and help them feel better in their own skin. I am ready to start my journey helping others with cancer.” PE


“I felt very good about this training; I felt supported, encouraged and very educated by Becky. My hope is to make this a significant portion of my business and I would even love to get to a place where I could teach this course.” BD


“This course was amazing! It was so informative and informational. It truly gave me the skills I need to work with oncology patients. Becky is incredible, knowledgeable and so approachable. It was the best class I have taken so far.” SR



“Reanna gave me a facial on 9/22/15. She is fantastic and I was so relaxed I could hardly get off the table. I will recommend her to everyone. Thank you St. Anthony’s and Jenna Berry. This was a wonderful experience. .”


Fantastic First Facial Ever!!!

“Becky was absolutely TERRIFIC! She is so knowledgeable of her techniques and products. As I said, this was my first time and she did my hands, feet and wonderful things to my face and head!!! Her knowledge of the human anatomy was impressive. Besides that it was an extremely gratifying one on one experience. I will remember it and her for a long time.


Great Facial

“Reanna gave me a very thorough, very relaxing and pleasurable facial on Monday, Aug.10th. Reanna is capable, pleasant and delightful. We enjoyed each other’s company and shared thoughts on our world and community situations. I will go back again at my earliest opportunity – it was a fantastic experience!!!! Thank you St. Anthony’s for providing this service and giving Reanna an opportunity to share her knowledge and skill. “


Facial experience

“Wow.. what a great experience! Becky provides a wonderful, relaxing facial and uses incredible products. My face feels so clean and moisturized; and Becky makes me feel like I am the only client in the world! She has vast knowledge and experience and I would refer her to everyone!”


An amazing service!

“I highly recommend this for anyone affected by cancer. Not only was I pampered, but I left knowing more about my skin, Cancer, and products. I received an Oncology Facial and a brow/lash treatment. Wonderful services!”



An attorney friend shared Becky’s card and brochure with me. I took advantage of her kind offer to have a facial. I liked it so much I suggested to the Social Worker at Highline Cancer Center contact Becky. My second visit was greater than my first. I plan to see her at least once a month. Just visiting with her is very encouraging to me . The facial etc. along with the products is the frosting on the cake.


Healthy, Relaxing, and Healing

“I found my skincare session to be incredibly relaxing, refreshing, and even educational! There are so many things I can be doing to be taking better care of the largest organ in my body, my skin! What a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone!”


“Very pleasant experience. Impressed with Becky’s knowledge about products and what is safe to use during treatment. Thank you Jenny for referring me.”