Oncology Spa Solutions Hair Stylists Training

Online Training Course

  • When can you introduce color back into your client’s life?
  • What products are safe or unsafe to use during chemotherapy?
  • And, before you shave your client’s head, do you know what attachment to use?

    This course is for the Stylist that wishes to know the answers to these questions and many more so they can safely care for their clients as they experience cancer. It contains training modules with an exam and certification of completion at the end.

Course Details:

  • Basics of cancer and how it relates to the hairdresser/stylist
  • Overview of the current treatments used in the US and their side effects
  • Ingredients in Hair products – What’s good/what’s not?
  • How traumatic is hair loss, how does it affect our client?
  • Hair cutting, wigs, scalp issues, treatment modifications.
  • Do we need anything special to service this client?
  • Time frames for services
  • How do we let our clients/community know that are trained to care for them?

Hair Stylists Online Training Course = $97.00