Erin’s journey with esthetics began 20 years ago and has taken her in many different directions.  From California to New York, and many places in between, she has had the pleasure of experiencing both the medical and spa side of this incredible industry.  She always works from her heart and she truly loves helping people feel better about themselves, both inside and out.  But it wasn’t until she took a leap of faith, and became oncology trained, that her work began to really touch her soul.

After suffering much heartache and loss in her own personal life, to be able to help and care for others facing such a major challenge as a cancer diagnosis, has taken her esthetic practice to a whole new level.  One that goes beyond the confines of the human body, and into the realm of pure love and healing.

She now lives her life in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee with her husband and 4 children.  Her family owns and runs an incredible lodge up here, where she’s so fortunate to be able to host her OSS trainings at.  Being in this serene environment during your career changing training, is not only beneficial both mentally and spiritually but it allows the experience of a tranquil transformation in your own personal life as well.

She looks forward to meeting all of the unique and special estheticians that make the choice to begin the journey of life changing esthetics.