Aesthetic Angel Oncology-Trained Professionals

CLIENTS: Are you looking for an oncology-trained professional near you?
Nancy’s List has a full database of oncology-trained Spa professionals.
If you don’t find one near you, reach out to

SPA PROFESSIONALS: If you’d like to be added to Nancy’s List database so that oncology patient/clients can find YOU,
send an email to for details.

Meet our Angel Trainers

Becky Kuehn


Dana Baze

Licensed Esthetician, Florida

Sonny Park-Kim

Licensed Esthetician, So Cal

Geralyn O’Brien

Licensed Esthetician, Illinois

Cj Murray

Nail Tech and Nail Educator, Florida

Linda Miller

Cosmetologist, Tennessee

 Are you interested in teaching the oncology clinics?
If so, email for details.