Our Mission

The #1 Choice For Oncology Esthetics Training

Becky began this mission in 2013 and has changed the lives of over 7000 students and twice as many cancer patients.
The positive feedback we have received through the years has confirmed that human beings have the desire to LOVE and CARE for each other. We just need direction and the right education to feel comfortable and confident in serving and caring for those who need us the most.
Oncology Spa Solutions ® Mission:
1. To provide the best oncology education in the industry.
2. To unite healing spa and medical professionals from all over the United States (and beyond) to ensure that every cancer patient receives the necessary care during and after treatments, without being denied or subjected to unsafe treatment.
Many Oncology Spa Solutions® graduates now work with hospitals, cancer centers, medical teams, and Non-Profits. And, others simply and wonderfully “bloom where they grow” – offering services and care to clients, friends and loved ones experiencing cancer within their current businesses.



Learn on-demand and online in your space and on your timeline.



Confidently customize services for each client within the scope of your license.



Case Studies, group Q&A and optional hands-on clinic.



Begin blessing your clients and watch the world change, starting in your treatment room.

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